Ramadan begins Monday

By Mohammad Ghazal, The Jordan Times.

AMMAN – The holy month of Ramadan begins Monday in Jordan, Chief Islamic Justice Ahmad Hilayel announced Saturday.

“Monday will be the first day of the holy month of Ramadan,” Hilayel said yesterday at a routine ceremony held by the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs at the King Hussein Mosque in the presence of religious scholars, astronomers, academicians and officials.

It was impossible to spot the hilal (crescent moon) at Saturday’s sunset; therefore, the crescent will be clear Sunday, making Monday the first day of the holy month, Hilayel said yesterday.

According to the Chief Islamic Justice Department, several locations were designated across the Kingdom to observe the hilal, but it was not spotted in any of these places.

Hilayel called on the rich to support the poor during the holy month and urged solidarity among people in light of high cost of living.

Ramadan starts the day after the sighting of hilal, which marks the beginning of a new lunar month.

The traditional method for deciding the start of the holy month is sighting the crescent moon with the naked eye, or nowadays with a telescope, in accordance with the tradition of Prophet Mohammad.

In Islam, to determine the start of Ramadan, people look for the crescent and anyone who claims to have seen it reports to the Sharia court to testify.

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