Makkah clock tower to beam from beginning of Ramadan

MAKKAH: The Makkah Royal Clock Tower, the second tallest tower in the world, will start emitting 16 light beams to a height of 10 kilometers Sunday evening to announce the beginning of Ramadan.

The loud speakers installed at the top of the tower will carry the sound of adhan (call to prayer) from the Grand Mosque to seven kilometers far. The powerful lights in white and green blinking at the time of adhan can be seen from a distance of 30 kilometers. The lights are also helpful for people with hearing difficulties to know prayer times.

The clock face is white and indicators dark during daylight and green and white at night.

A trial run of the clock was held at the beginning of last year’s Ramadan.

The gigantic Makkah clock project was constructed on top of tower number five of King Abdul Aziz Endowment project, which consists of seven towers.

“All arrangements to receive Ramadan guests in the residential hotel, on which the clock tower is situated, have been completed. All rooms and suites have an Islamic style of interior décor that add to the spirituality of Ramadan,” director of telecommunications and business promotion at the Fairmont Raffles Hotels International in Makkah, Khaled Yamaq, said.

The Makkah Clock Tower Hotel, on which the clock is situated, is 601 meters high with 76 stories and 858 suites. It overlooks the Grand Mosque.

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  1. Asslamoalekum,we are proud of this tower, it is beauty of The Makkah city,but must be mention details about clock of Tower.

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