Success lies in secularism

Source: Dailytimes, Pakistan.

In addition, Pakistan’s name was changed to ‘Islamic Republic of Pakistan’. A new definition of who is a ‘Muslim’ was legislated and it was required that all citizens, while applying for a passport or a national ID card, must sign an oath in this regard. Religion is a personal matter of an individual and a matter between him and his Creator, but we have ordained it to the state. Not only that, we have given the state a religion of our own interpretation. A state cannot be categorised or labelled on the basis of religion. In Europe, there are 22 secular states followed by 20 in Africa, 17 in Asia, seven in North and South Americas and three in Oceania. Interestingly, the growth rates in the fields of science, technology, and literature, just to name a few areas, in developed secular countries are the highest in the world.


Categories: Human Rights

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