Be civil regardless of faith


I write this as the countries surrounding Saudi Arabia and Israel are at obvious boiling points with respect to their government’s overthrow or potential revolutions. The people are rising up, fuelled by a hatred of either the ruling leaders now in power, or the Americans occupying their country or the enemies of their people, whether they feel those enemies are the Jews, the Shiites, the Sunnis or the Christians.

Because they have been ruled by force, they are rising up with force or in many cases struggling to rise up with force. And whether their motivation is to establish a free society that would treat every resident freely, with rights to worship freely, under free elections of governing officials or to grab power for certain groups or religions, may be the most serious question and concern.

I have been called to this subject after witnessing for months and now years the utter hatred there is for Christians and Jews alike. And to this I must say: Hear me, Oh Mecca, Hear me, Oh Jerusalem, Hear me, Oh Israel: your God and our God is one God.

The Old Testament, the Torah and the Quran, are all from the same foundation. We are all from Abraham. We are all brothers and sisters on this earth.

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  1. Very well said in the article, “The road we take to arrive there will need to be paved by tolerance, perseverance and love for each other. Resmbles to Ahmadiyya Community Moto, Love for all hatred for none”

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