Spreading education in Pakistan harms Taliban

Duluth  News Tribune: M. Imran Hayee.

In America, where freedom prevails and the literacy rate is 99 percent with 40 percent of the population possessing college degrees, fact-checking is a common routine, especially during the heated presidential election campaign. The fact-checkers around the country have been working diligently this fall to untangle candidates’ arguments and claims, some of which have been convoluted and twisted.

In contrast, in a country like Pakistan, where freedom is not a celebrated value and the literacy rate is 57 percent with only 6 percent of the population having college degrees, fact-checking is a rare phenomenon — even when big lies are imposed on citizens.


The Taliban attempted to kill Malala to quiet her mission. To its surprise, Pakistanis showed an unusually strong and united reaction of revulsion against the Taliban and its cowardly act.


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