SINCE religious, racial and ethnic identities are central to human conceptions of self-worth, non-constructive speech whose sole purpose is to deliberately insult such identities should certainly be discouraged.

Pakistanis burnt vehicles, theatres and Obama effigies incessantly for days following the uploading on YouTube of The Innocence of Muslims. However, such self-directed violence obviously has little chance of success, and wisdom lies in considering non-violent strategies for combating blasphemy.


However, sympathy for some immigrant groups, including Muslims, is also weak in Western countries because minorities in these groups’ original countries face far worse excesses. For example, minorities cannot even pray openly in some Muslim countries.

The contentious movie itself was a deplorable reaction to excesses against Egyptian Christians. Thus, Muslims must also treat their own minorities better to garner greater sympathy and respect globally. As the saying goes, ask not for justice just for yourself but for everybody, for in doing so you make justice more assured for yourself.



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  1. Do agree with the statement served by news paper that Muslim public and rather countries should check their behaviorism and consideration with the minorities in a peaceful manner but simultaneously media is over looking a point of indulgence of out side agencies exploiting the minority sentiments and exaggeratedly doing publicity in order to disorder the Muslim countries ruling ,this is what they consider international political success after collapsing the Muslim countries admin. fall.Surprisingly some where they are with ruling governance and some where they are with public having one purpose and only one to weaken the Muslim countries and Muslim public.Media is just like a toy in their hands and using it as their property. Millions and millions , Muslims burnt and butchered in different countries by violent public and bias governance s at that time where was the call of peace by peace keeping agencies and peace keeping forces. Latest cases are of Myanmar and Assam,a biggest claimant of peace by Buddhism in the world has left a bad sign of scar on the face of Buddhism.I have gone through on the comments under the news of Myanmar ,a Buddhist expressed his annoyance and also his feeling to consider it as a bad act but other Buddhist scolded him and told you are Buddhist or a fellow of opposite group. Some where I have noticed the quote and notifications where the lion spirit has been expressed with lion pic.In fact my thinking about peace is jeopardize after seeing the thinking approach by a great claimant of peace. …………../ Would like to express my sincere feeling and advice to media agencies to equally emphasize all the group and at least stood together for real peace without biased issuance of the matter and create an intensive pressure on peace keeping forces and agencies and should not bring any minority of any country in inferiority complex. Thanks and regards.

  2. Perhaps reminding Muslims of Qur’anic verses on the subject will help, such as:

    [6:113] And in like manner have We made for every Prophet an enemy, evil ones from among men and Jinn. They suggest one to another gilded speech in order to deceive — and if your Lord had enforced His will, they would not have done it; so LEAVE THEM ALONE with that which they fabricate

    [43:84; 70:43] So LEAVE THEM ALONE to indulge in vain discourse and amuse themselves until they meet that Day of theirs which they have been promised.

    [73:11,12] And bear patiently all that they say; and part with them in a decent manner. And LEAVE ME ALONE with those who reject the truth, possessors of ease and plenty; and give them a little respite.

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