Governor KP alleges links exist between Punjab govt and “terrorists”

Dawn: PESHAWAR: Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Syed Masood Kausar on Saturday alleged that the Punjab government had covert links with “terrorists”, DawnNews reported.

Speaking at a fund distribution for the displaced people of Bara, the governor said that the Punjab government had been encouraging the “terrorists” hiding in the madrassas and had secret links with them.

He further said that the “terrorists” were neither friends of Pakistan nor were they the friends of the tribesmen.

Moreover, he said that the tribesmen were not involved in terrorist activities and that people belonging to all religions resided in the tribal areas.


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  1. If you people could remember Malik Ishaq of the LeJ is accused of carrying out hundreds of murders but was not convicted because of lacunas in the legal system and the police’s inability to collect evidence or run a sound witness protection programme. Resultantly, he is being kept in jail under the Maintenance of Public Order act; there is no other substantive case against him. Let us also not forget that there are many in the lower judiciary who are sympathetic towards the jihadi mindset. Not surprisingly, Malik Ishaq was apparently allowed to cross-examine prosecution witnesses inside jail even in cases not related to him. The police official who tried to stop this practice was later murdered. Shahbaz Sharif is responsible for agreeing to keep silent on the jihadi ‘assets’. According to one source in the government, there was an understanding that he would take care of these elements, especially while the military was busy in the tribal areas. Therefore, the Punjab chief minister and his loyal law minister, Rana Sanaullah, deflected attention away from Punjab. There were even occasions when senior police officers covered up the jihadis’ tracks and maligned those that warned about such threats.

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