Day: October 7, 2012

In the Midst of Raging Violence

Huff Post: by Sophia Khan. I wept this morning, the tears of a half-Pakistani American whose human brethren around the globe are once more catching fire and burning each other down. Caught between two worlds, I have always found myself speaking on behalf of a group I felt ill-equipped to […]

Ring of Gyges and Human Morality!

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Part of a series on Plato Early life · Works · Platonism Epistemology · Idealism / Realism · Demiurge Theory of Forms Form of the Good Third man argument Euthyphro dilemma · Five regimes Philosopher king Allegories and metaphors Ring of Gyges · The cave The divided line · The sun Ship of […]

Sanctions hurt Syria and Iran but regimes can ride on regardless – One of the small but immensely wealthy states which may suffer from Iran’s crisis is Dubai

by Robert Fisk, The Independent The Tehran “bazaaris” – the men who have shouted for an end to Iranian subsidies to the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad – have to be taken seriously. They were the rich boys of the souk who supported the Islamic revolution against the Shah, the […]

Ghana Needs More Optimistic People.

Source: Daily Graphic Ghana Pressident Mahama being welcomed to the World Miracle Church by Rev Agyin Asare President John Mahama has noted that Ghana needs people who are optimistic for the country to develop in the face of challenging times. He added that looking at the problems the country is […]