Day: October 13, 2012

Why We Recoil at Unpleasant Sounds

ScienceDaily (Oct. 12, 2012) — Heightened activity between the emotional and auditory parts of the brain explains why the sound of chalk on a blackboard or a knife on a bottle is so unpleasant. In a study published today in theJournal of Neuroscience and funded by the Wellcome Trust, Newcastle University scientists […]

State of denial

The Express Tribune: by Chris Allbritton Pakistan is a land of many stories, and I miss them terribly. But what I don’t miss, having been forced to leave Pakistan this summer because of a possible threat to my safety, is the constant barrage of conspiracy theories and an unwillingness by […]

‘Leaf and Death’

Source: NY Times: After a few cold nights the colors come on like glowing embers. Then they burst into flame. They crackle in flickering reds, yellows and electric greens. They are beautiful and surreal against the infinite blues of a chilly October afternoon sky. Entire landscapes are transformed into a […]

Dr AQ Khan role in the A bomb is exposed

The Express Tribune AQ Khan: the truth finally prevails By Sajad Haider Published: October 12, 2012 “The public and AQ Khan’s admirers should know that firstly, he was just a copper metallurgist employed in Holland by Urenco and assigned to a less sensitive section, which was not directly involved in […]