Whatever Your Religion, We Are All One Family

Huff Post:by Rev. Ed Bacon.

A couple of years ago, my church invited a local physician to come talk to our congregation. Aisha is a practicing Muslim.

During her talk, in a soft and patient voice, Aisha explained the pillars of Islam and why Muslims pray five times a day. She said, “Because we kneel and touch our heads all the way to the floor when we pray, for us practicing Muslims that is symbolic of the kind of God-consciousness we are trying to form within us — that of being a servant to God.”

When I heard Laila’s words that day I experienced a depth charge explode in the core of my being. Perhaps you’ve experienced something similar — it’s a profound experience. I felt the reverberations continue inside me all day long. I had never thought of the concept of “God-consciousness” in quite that way before.



Categories: ISLAM, Religions

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