Day: October 26, 2012

Why I Love Eid ul-Adha

Huff Post: Dr. David Liepert. Islam’s Eid ul-Adha reminds me every year that what we believe about God doesn’t matter as much as whether we believe in God in the first place. I’d like to ask my Muslim, Christian and Jewish brother and sister believers a quick question: Even if […]

Ahmadi Muslims In The Press: post by H. Koya

Muslim group holds interfaith converstaion on anti-Islam film Columbus Dispatch (blog) The Columbus Chapter of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community recently held an interfaith meeting at its Nasir mosque in Groveport to discuss the Innocence of Muslims film clips that mocked the Islamicprophet Mohammed and sparked riots in Muslim countries … See all stories on this topic » Young Muslims host week long […]