Day: October 17, 2012

Will Hillary Clinton bar Imran Khan’s visit to US?

[W]hy would the American embassy in Islamabad and Obama/Clinton’s State Department facilitate an anti-American fundraising inside America by a hate-mongering jihadi with an anti-West agenda? In case they missed what Khan has to say about the U.S., here he is mocking America and hinting at Pakistan’s nuclear capability: “Confronting the […]

Mitt Romney ‘Binders Full Of Women’ claim misleading Laura Bassett – Mitt Romney raised eyebrows during the presidential debate Tuesday night when he claimed that as governor of Massachusetts, he had been so dismayed at the lack of female cabinet candidates that he sent women’s groups out to find them. “I went to a number of […]

Ulterior motives

Story Summary Daily Star, Lebanon Palestine has once again faced vocal rejection of its statehood bid, this time in a statement from the United States declaring that such a move would set back the peace process. The delay in recognizing Palestine instead means the country is steadily losing more land […]

Refreshing, rational U.S. views on Iran

Story Summary by Rami G. Khouri Sometimes things happen so slowly that the casual observer misses them, and one such occurrence is the slow evolution in the United States’ position in its faceoff with Iran. Two important things seem to have occurred since the spring: Washington seems to have taken […]