Day: October 18, 2012

List of non-Arab Sahaba

Source: Wikipedia The list of non-Arab Sahaba includes the non-Arabs among the original Sahaba(r.a.) of Muhammad(s.a.s). Muhammad had many followers from amongst the Arabs, from many different tribes. However, he also had many non-Arab Sahaba, from many different ethnicities. Some of these non-Arabs were among the most beloved and loyal […]

Religion News in Brief By Associated Press

Religion news in brief By The Associated Press AP /  October 17, 2012| Comments (0)Saudi Arabia says annual Islamic hajj pilgrimage starts Oct. 25 RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (AP) — Saudi Arabia has announced that the Islamic hajj pilgrimage, which attracts around 3 million Muslims worldwide each year, will begin on Thursday, Oct. 25. The […]

Jesus Had No Wife Photo: Sarah Carr A christian boy lifts a potrait of Jesus (File Photo) Insinuations that Jesus Christ had a wife are devilish, says GKS IT is well known that some people take undue advantage of the perfect patience, tolerance and long-suffering of God Almighty to make jest of sacred […]

Is Romney yesterday’s man–republicans-reduced-to-empty-rhetoric-on-defence-siddiqui Republicans reduced to empty rhetoric on defence: Siddiqui Published on Wednesday October 17, 2012 Share on twitter Share on facebook By Haroon Siddiqui The Toronto Star – Editorial Page It’s more than his language that makes Mitt Romney yesterday’s man. His “whole binders full of women” and letting working […]