Debates! who needs them? Well, we Israelis do, actually

The Times of Israel:

Well, it’s just ridiculous, isn’t it? Demeaning. Risible. Absurd.

Two grown men squaring off against each other as though they were boxers. Preening, pulling themselves up to full height, strutting back and forth, wagging fingers.

There were moments when I thought one of them was going to take a swing at the other.

And they don’t just do it once. Or twice. But three times! And their deputies get in on the act too.

What kind of a way is that to decide the leadership of the free world?

The US presidency is about a carefully conceived ideology, a nuanced world view. It’s about vision. About prioritizing. It’s about building a smart, realistic, competent staff, and a hierarchy that can gradually, painstakingly implement a vast, complex agenda, and switch mode instantly, smoothly to manage crises.

The measure of a president, or a would-be president, does not lie in his capacity to rehearse a sound-bite, or to remember the name of Mr. Joe and Mrs. Joanna Public when they’ve stammered their way through a question. “Ooh, I’ve forgotten what I was going to ask! Hang on a minute; I’ve got it written down…”

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