Day: October 2, 2012

Salafism and Arab Democratization

Source: Stratfor By Kamran Bokhari Vice President of Middle Eastern & South Asian Affairs (“Salafism and Arab Democratizationis republished with permission of Stratfor.”) Read more: Salafism and Arab Democratization | Stratfor The outbreak of the Arab Spring in 2011 brought significant attention to groups — known as Islamists — seeking to […]

Israeli hypocrisy on a nuclear Middle East

Source: Asiatimes: Benjamin Netanyahu in his dramatic presentation to the United Nations showing that Iran is about to reach a nuclear red line failed to mention that Israel crossed it decades ago. Most Middle East leaders seem to have accepted Israel’s double standards, and some are comfortable with the war-mongering […]


Dear readers peace be on you all. In several of my interactions with the mainstream Muslims, the question has been posed, “What are Ahmadis doing about the Anti-Islam You Tube movie”. Their  objection being why Ahmadis are not seen on the streets smashing properties and assaulting people. They fail to […]

Moscow beckons Pakistan’s Kiani

Source: Asiatimes. Historic rapprochement between Russia and Pakistan, seen in Pakistani army chief Ashfaq Parvez Kiani’s visit this week to Moscow, rests on mutual angst at US plans for a long-term Afghan presence. Moscow and Islamabad know Washington could deploy a missile defense system there that neutralizes nuclear capabilities, and […]

Poll: Obama better for middle class

Global Post: BOSTON — Middle-class voters are, of course, important to the Nov. 6 presidential election. Both President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney have been aggressively targeting this group, particularly in swing states like Ohio, Michigan, Virginia, Pennsylvania and other places where members of this large and economically struggling […]

anti-Blasphemy laws are a danger to the world

Mahfooz Kanwar, Calgary Herald, Canada I am halfway through writing my next book entitled: Addiction to Religion, which discusses four organized religions: Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. This book will discuss further the issue of blasphemy in all religions. In this column, I am writing on what the blasphemy […]