Meet Muhammad: Response to anti-Islamic video and reaction

Try Meeting a Muslim

A 2010 Time magazine poll showed that only 38 percent of Americans have ever met a Muslim. At the time I read this, the number was very alarming to me and I concluded it couldnt be true. To prove my point, each time I went to a local high school, college, or organization to give a presentation on Islam, I always began with the same question: How many of you have ever met a Muslim? To my dismay, the responses I received verified the polls results.

In a recent trial of a classroom of 30 college students, I was again met with the same outcome; In fact, the numbers were even less than 38 percent. Based on that experience, it would appear even two years after the Time magazine poll, the numbers haven’t changed. How unfortunate, 62 percent of Americans have yet to meet a Muslim! Their only encounter with a Muslim is what the news media has shown them. Its said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and the images portrayed on television have been engrained in the American public’s mind, even though they in no way represent the true teachings of Islam. In fact, they represent a very small minority of a religion that claims 1.5 billion people worldwide, 2.6 million of whom are our American neighbors.

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  1. My take from the article is this: it is the resposibility of each one of us to present ourselves as muslims to our neighbors, co-workers,acquaintances, places where you shop everyday,go visit neighboring churches, temples, gurduwaras etc. on their special days, give gifts on their holidays and your own, do volunteer work at hospitals.
    In the end, if we think we are the best people ,we should be the best in action, not just in our hearts.

  2. John Davenport, a Christian apologist for the Holy Prophet Muhammad, may peace be on him, wrote:

    Is it possible to conceive, we may ask, that the man who effected such great and lasting reforms in his own country by substituting the worship of the one only true God for the gross and debasing idolatry in which his countrymen had been plunged for ages; who abolished infanticide, prohibited the use of spirituous liquors and games of chance (those sources of moral depravity), who restricted within comparatively narrow limits the unrestrained polygamy which he found in existence and practice—can we, we repeat, conceive so great and zealous a reformer to have been a mere impostor, or that his whole career was one of sheer hypocrisy? Can we imagine that his divine mission was a mere invention of his own of whose falsehood he was conscious throughout? No, surely, nothing but a consciousness of really righteous intentions could have carried Mohammed so steadily and constantly without ever flinching or wavering, without ever betraying himself to his most intimate connections and companions, from his first revelation to Khadijah to his last agony in the arms of Ayesha.

    Read further:
    John Davenport of World Muslim Leader’s Concluding Address at UK Convention, 2012

    Thomas Carlyle, Karen Armstrong, John Davenport and Prof. Laura Veccia Vaglieri

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