Muslim Rights

Rohingya plight

Source: ET For the last few years, Rohingya Muslims have found themselves in the awkward place where some of the world’s stateless peoples have lived and subsisted — largely unnoticed and unassisted by the international community. Wedged uncomfortably between the borders of their native Myanmar and Bangladesh — their first […]

Ahmadis referenced in Reclaiming Pakistan by Jibran Nasir: Muslim News, San Franciso

Jibran Nasir on Reclaiming Pakistan references killing of Ahmadis A TALK4PAK EVENT at Fremont Mehran Restaurant By Dr. H. Koya, San Francisco Bay Area. (Also see attached word doc) FREMONT (Mehran Restaurant) More 200 people attended a hurriedly organized lunch by TALK4PAK group here today featuring visiting public speaker […]

Flight 17 Burial Delays Frustrate Families

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia—As the bodies of those killed on Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 decompose, some stricken families of those on board look set to suffer more frustration if religious burial rites are passed over. Islam typically has strict requirements for burial of the deceased. Rites include bathing corpses, dressing them in white […]