Ahmadis referenced in Reclaiming Pakistan by Jibran Nasir: Muslim News, San Franciso

Jibran Nasir on Reclaiming Pakistan references killing of Ahmadis
A TALK4PAK EVENT at Fremont Mehran Restaurant
By Dr. H. Koya, San Francisco Bay Area.


A pakistani attorney politician-turned social acitivts

A pakistani attorney politician-turned social acitivts

(Also see attached word doc)

FREMONT (Mehran Restaurant) More 200 people attended a hurriedly organized lunch by TALK4PAK group here today featuring visiting public speaker – a politician-turned social activist Jibran Nasir.
In a more than 60 minute presentation the social activist Jibran gave an in-depth look into Pakistan’s social, political and terrorist system that has plagued the nation.
Jibran made several references to the Ahmadi killing and cold-blooded murders of Shias and more recently the Peshawar killing of innocent students that sent a wakeup call to the nation and world at large.
Media Meeting with Jibran
Just before, Jibran took the stage members of the media including Raas Sidiqi (Pakistan Link), Ali Cimanthur (Urdu News), Azam Gill (Urdu Times and myself (The Muslim News) met Jibran to introduce ourselves.
At the end of his presentation, Jibran took questions from the audience.
My Question
I thanked Jibran for his brace efforts to change Pakistan and pointed out that he hadn’t touched on changing the Constitution to remove the blasphemy law
Jibran said, “First social change disagreeing that the constitutional change will reduce the killing”.
He appealed to get in the US political process.
I disagree with Jibran that social change is the only. A constitutional change to remove the draconian blasphemy law of Pakistan is imperative and must be given top priority to ensure absolute justice and fairness to all citizens of Pakistan.


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