Month: April 2015

Immigration Drives a Deeper Wedge Between EU States

Source:Stratfor: The European Union is once again struggling to come up with a coherent asylum strategy for its 28 members. In recent years, the rising number of asylum seekers entering the European Union through countries such as Italy and Greece has generated friction among member states, fueled criticism of the Schengen […]

Jordan: Why I Teach Evolution to Muslim Students

Source: Nature Why I Teach Evolution to Muslim Students By Rana Dajani, who is associate professor of molecular biology at Hashemite University in Zarqa, Jordan, and a visiting scholar at the Faraday Institute, University of Cambridge, UK. 22 April 2015 Certain problematic attitudes towards science have been imported into Muslim societies as […]

America is not a Christian nation: The dark capitalist roots of our country’s most destructive myth According to author Kevin Kruse, the idea that America is a “Christian nation” was invented only recently, forged by an alliance between industrialists and conservative clergy who preached the connection between Christianity and capitalism. In One Nation Under God, the Princeton history professor issues a twofold corrective: first, to the popular notion that the […]

‘Islam at war’ vs ‘War within Islam’

Al Jazeera Marwan Bishara © Provided by Al Jazeera  Muslims have a long memory and deep distrust of Western motives when it comes to provoking war or invoking Islam. Not a day passes without certain pundits sharing their newfound “insights” about Islam; “Islam at war”, “Islam’s war within”, or “Islam’s […]