Immigration Drives a Deeper Wedge Between EU States


The European Union is once again struggling to come up with a coherent asylum strategy for its 28 members. In recent years, the rising number of asylum seekers entering the European Union through countries such as Italy and Greece has generated friction among member states, fueled criticism of the Schengen Agreement and contributed to the growing popularity of nationalist parties.

However, the European Union will not reform its asylum policies in any significant way. Member states will provide more financial assistance to Mediterranean countries, but they will refuse to accept quotas of immigrants over the coming months and years. Anti-immigration sentiments will persist across the Continent, putting substantial pressure on one of the European Union’s founding principles: the free movement of people.


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  1. It is selfish Approach. While assisting destruction of the countries, EU supports it master USA and when it Comes to help needy People These so called human right chanpions turn their back.

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