Humanists given voice in shaping religious education

Source: BBC News

Non-religious groups are set to be given a voice in the shaping of religious education in schools.


Teaching of the subject is overseen by the Standing Advisory Councils on RE (SACRE)

Groups such as humanists – that promote good lives without religion or superstition – felt excluded.

But after a legal challenge, the Welsh Government has said non-religious groups have the same right as religious ones.

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  1. From Progressive view about religious education in schools.
    Our Question is;
    Which interpretation of religion will be taught in School?
    There are many sects of Islam as well Christians, Judaism and Buddha?

    We can devide 2 groups of religion,

    1. Fundamentanlist— conservative groups

    2. Progressive Groups.

    I agree 100 percent with Progressive religions will be taught in schools. they can live in peace,harmony and happiness.

    But religious fundamentalist will create a big problem with others ,

    Ahmadiyyah has been teaching a peaceful teaching/- but the problem with Ahmadiyyah faith; first majority of Muslim dont recognise Ahmadiyya— second Ahmadiyya promote young girls to wear Hijab, where Islamophobia strongly reject Hijab at public place.

    My view, it will be wise the religious thingd should be private and teach Kuds at home or private school.

    This is my thought
    Hopefully Editors do not erase my comment,
    Lets Respect freedom of expression of religion

    • In Germany the Government has asked the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community to come up with teaching materials for the schools. Of course these are ‘neutral’ and not only ‘Ahmadiyya oriented’. In England one Ahmadi wrote the books for religious education used in all schools. Again, of course the books are ‘neutral’ and do not give only the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at’s teachings. It can be done, as UK and Germany has shown (may be other places also that I am personally not aware of. Surely in Africa, in the Ahmadiyya Muslim Schools religion is taught, and not only the Ahmadiyya school of thought.

    • check out the article on the book for the UK schools authored by Mr. Waqar Ahmad Ahmedi – yes, a member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at.

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