Pakistan’s new party promises to reform system

Politics in Pakistan is a dangerous and dirty business dominated by big landlords and other groups known more for their penchant for violence and terror than their desire to bring change for the people.

So, many people are surprised to learn that there is a new political party in the country that has been set up by a group of mild mannered professionals. The party — Mustaqbil Pakistan — was registered with the Election Commission of Pakistan in 2010. Since then it has made some surprising progress. It has some 20 offices in the country, has participated in a by-election and is starting to win the minds and hearts of voters.

Mustaqbil Pakistan believes that the reason of all of Pakistan’s problems is that, generally speaking, the people who sit in the assemblies are incompetent, ignorant, insincere and dishonest. The party wants to bring into politics the best of Pakistan’s people — competent, honest, decent, educated and sincere. Even partial success in achieving this goal would be like sunrise after a long dark night.

In the two years since the party was formed its leaders have traveled the length and breadth of the country. In remote rural areas they have sat with poor villagers on their frayed cots and sipped their generously proffered tea. In some of Pakistan’s largest cities, they have walked through impossibly narrow lanes to meet the poorest urban dwellers. They have sat talking to them in their tiny homes where often the only furnishing is a rug on the floor. On the road, they have stopped at dozens of teashops to chat with truck drivers and farmers. They have addressed hundreds of corner meetings across the country.

The party says that the people it meets are the real Pakistan. They are poor. Many are illiterate. But they know exactly what is going on. They know that the people who sit in Pakistan’s assemblies are no less than thieves and robbers. And they are ready for change.

Mustaqbil Pakistan believes that the change they want is possible. Traditionally feudal landlords have exercised almost complete control in the rural areas. And since this is where most of the country’s population lives, these are the people who have controlled the political agenda. But their control is not what it used to be. Many factors working in combination have over the years pried open their grip. Three of these factors bear special mention.

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Nadeem M. Qureshi is the chairman of Mustaqbil Pakistan.

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  1. You can bring change in Pakistan but slowly it will take another 20 years if you start now change syllabus of primary secondary schools bring in human rights equality and unbiased open mindedness about the world as a global village live and allow others to live. If that is achieved it will give rise to a new nation with new ideas of love for all and hatred for none.

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