Day: May 11, 2012

Unlocking the Spice Secrets

Source: Spirituality & Health The Jerusalem Post recently did a story on Tel Aviv University professor Michael Ovadia, a research specialist who normally focuses on the medicinal properties of snake venom. Seems that Ovadia was in a career funk and found himself in a synagogue, meditating over an Old Testament […]

7 Ways to Make Happiness Last

Source: Spirituality & Health As a surgeon I have used the word “cancer” — the C-word — thousands of times in my life. I have spent my entire professional life researching it, trying to find ways to resect it, suppress it, and, whenever possible, outright annihilate it. I knew what […]

Branson Cross: World’s Largest Cross

Huff Post The “God-given vision” started out simply enough: build a 7-foot-tall cross on a mountain and invite people to meditate there with the Creator. Now, 20 years later, the cross will cost $5 million and rise nearly 200 feet once complete, making it the largest cross in the world. […]

Thou shalt not follow

Source: Dawn Author: Laeeq Khan It is not the herd of sheep I am referring to as I write today. It is also not the extraordinary intelligent few amongst us that are the subject of my writing here. Instead the attention is drawn to the ordinary, simple and often gullible […]

Kilo’s options: War or Assad

By ABDUL RAHMAN AL-RASHID ARABNEWS Syrian political activist living in exile Michel Kilo believes that the available alternative after the downfall of President Bashar Assad is an internal war turning into a protracted regional one involving the two superpowers. This was what he wrote in his article in Asharq Al-Awsat, […]