Day: May 7, 2012

Hollande’s victory: The tortoise who beat the hare

France24. In style and probably in substance, France’s incoming president could not be more different than the country’s outgoing leader. François Hollande’s political rise to the country’s top post has been slow and steady, with the French media portraying him as “Monsieur Normal” – an easygoing, everyday man. Contrast that […]

Hillary Clinton Goes to Bangladesh

Source: Daily Beast, WSJ, lA Times and  Newsdaily Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is traveling through Bangladesh after a three-day visit to Beijing that was largely overshadowed by the plight of activist Chen Guangcheng. The South Asian country is on edge after the disappearance of opposition leader Ilyas Ali. Clinton […]

Change Europe can believe in?

Credit: Asia Time: By Pepe Escobar Europe may just be living a remix of the late 2008 moment when Barack Obama won the presidency in the United States. But this time, will it be real? The election on Sunday of socialist Francois Hollande as president of France comes at an […]