India: Ahmadi volunteers beaten, abused by thugs claiming to be Muslims

Ahmadiyya Times: Several Ahmadī volunteers at a bookstall organized by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community were beaten and abused by an Islamist mob in Kasaragod, Kerala, India.

The bookstall was part of a ten-day fair in this coastal town where the Ahmadī members of a neighboring town, Mogral, had legally rented a location to display their books.

According a report filed by Shahid Pervez from India, the Ahmadiyya Muslim community says the bookstall ran smoothly for four days, until the ‘success at our stall’ was noticed by some militant Muslim factions visiting the fair.

Further according to the report, a mob of several dozen thugs returned on Sunday evening ‘during closing hours and started a ruckus’ demanding that the bookstall must be shut down forthwith.


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  1. It is a sad news which makes a painful reading. The Ahmadiyya muslim community, throughout the world, is regarded as a very civilized, peaceful and a law-abiding community. It is hoped that in future these thugs-like anti-social elements will not dare do such devilish acts and go unpunished. Local administration, the police and the sensible citizens will see and act in time so that the peaceful, peace-loving, law-abiding Ahmadi muslim citizens are not threatened in future and they continue enjoying their basic human rights to assemble, talk and express their views in get-togathers, professing, practicing and propagating their religion with the most vital freedom, yes! freedom of human conscience.

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