Day: May 3, 2012

How happy is Bangladesh?

Photo: Sadatuddin Ahmed Amil   Souce: The Daily Star by Mohammad Badrul Ahsan Pakistan has ranked higher than Bangladesh in the World Happiness Report 2012, holding the 85th position against our 104th. Even India lagged behind in the 94th position despite Pakistan’s reputation as a country rife with terrorism, religious […]

Big Google is Watching You

Source: Forbes. One way or another Google has a problem. Last week, the company released a full FCC report about its surreptitious collection of data from millions of unsecured Wi-Fi connections, using software developed six years ago for Street View, a multi-purpose technology that provides a direct view of virtually […]

Saudi women: Pampered or oppressed?

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (CNN) — Samar Badawi, a 30-year-old mother of one, has served seven months in jail. Her crime? Disobeying her father. Badawi, 30, fell foul of Saudi Arabia’s guardianship laws, which require women to gain permission from their father, husband or even adult son for many daily activities. […]

Chen’s switch throws daring US dance

Credit: Asiatimes As blind legal activist Chen Guangcheng switches from a willingness to stay in China to requesting resettlement in the United States, both countries look close to tripping up in the diplomatic dance over his daring escape from house arrest into (and out of) American protection. A muted triumph […]

Godfrey Higgins: An Orientalists better than most!

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, I have deleted two negative words about him from this description Godfrey Higgins (January 30, 1772 in Owston, Yorkshire, England – August 9, 1833), was an archaeologist, Freemason and Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries, humanist, social reformer, and author of various, now rare books. […]