Day: May 9, 2012

Historical Facts You Don’t Know

1. In ancient Rome the punishment for killing one’s father was to be drowned in a sack along with a viper, a dog, and a rooster. The reason behind this? I have no idea. 2. Alexander the Great (pictured) invented a spying technique still used today: he had his soldiers […]

Palestinians isolated and short of funds — Fayyad

By MICHAEL STOTT AND SAMIA NAKHOUL | REUTERS ARABBEWS RAMALLAH, West Bank: Prime Minister Salam Fayyad said on Tuesday the Palestinians may have “lost the argument” on the international stage for an independent state but cautioned that continued Israeli occupation was unsustainable. In an interview with Reuters, Fayyad struck a […]

‘Moving The Mountain’

Huff Post Excerpt from Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf’s Moving the Mountain: Beyond Ground Zero To A New Vision Of Islam In America (Free Press, May 2012) I am an American citizen born in Kuwait of Egyptian parents. I grew up in Great Britain, Malaysia, and Egypt and have lived in […]