Underwater Mosque In Saudi Arabia Ready For Prayers

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The First underwater mosque is ready for prayers in the Saudi Arabian town of Tabuk, according to Emirates24/7.com.

“When we put the final touches on it, it was time for afternoon prayers,” said diver Hamadan bin Salim Al Masoudi, “so we performed group prayers in the first underwater mosque in history.”

A private group of Saudi Arabian divers built the mosque using plastic pipes filled with sand under the sea close to the border with Jordan, explains Arabian Business.

The mosque is the latest of underwater construction in the Arabian Peninsula which extends to underwater hotels.

Undewater Mosque


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  1. Indoor skiing rink in the middle of the desert to underwater mosque, not sure if I should be awed or stunned.
    So many questions running through my mind.. let’s see, how does the microphone work? Do one needs to do ablution if you are already in water? Can you breathe in your oxygen mask and recite at the same time? Do you break formation if a shark approaches? How is Azaan called? Do I have to grow gills before I can visit this mosque? Do you deliver sermon in sign language?

  2. Going undersea to praise Allah is not a bad idea but lets consider that, there are needs for hundreds of mosques to be built in Africa. A place where propagation of Islam needs maximum attention….

  3. There is no need to waste money. What exactly is the Saudi government trying to prove? Why not use that money to help the poor and needy?

  4. One hadith states that people who waste resources are the friends of satan and anyone with an inkling of grey matter will consider this to be huge waste of resources.

    These “smart” Saudis elite should let their women drive so that they can go to mosque (on land) and let Saudi women participate equally in all educational and social activities so that they can become educated mom and train the future generation of children. Otherwise, we will have a future generation of “educated” Saudis building a mosque in moon while their disadvantaged brothers are dying of hunger and poverty!

    There is nothing wrong with having a mosque in the moon except that you need “muslims” to misappropriate their national natural and material resources to buy a ticket to go to pray there! Only the oil rich countries’ “vampire” elite can afford to pray in that mosque. We of course we leave it to God to determine if their prayers will be accepted!

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