Month: June 2012

Healthiest Plants for Your Home Chemicals from building materials, furniture, and even air fresheners can make indoor air toxic, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. But just getting some greenery can help, says B.C. Wolverton, PhD, a former NASA research scientist and the author ofHow to Grow Fresh Air. “Houseplants give off oxygen and […]

India for Fiji’s healthcare

Fiji looks to India for health care advancement The Minister for Health, Dr Neil Sharma, visited India this week to examine medical facilities and source expertise in various medical areas for Fiji.  The Fiji High commission in New Delhi facilitated the meetings. Fiji’s High Commissioner to New India, Yogesh Karan, […]

Fiji lifts media ban

ifts ban on public meetings From:AFP  June 02, 2012 11:37PM Increase Text Size Decrease Text Size Print Email Share EASING UP: FIJI WILL ALLOW PUBLIC MEETINGS FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE COMMODORE FRANK BAINIMARAMA SEIZED POWER IN 2006. PICTURE: AFP AFP FIJI has re-instated the right to hold public meetings, which […]

The New Evangelization: Quo Vadis

Written by: Mr. Paul Kokoski Vatican II’s Dignitatis Humanae states that every person has a “right” to religious freedom and that they are not to be “coerced” in any way to act contrary to their own beliefs. In seemingly contradictory fashion the same document exhorts Catholics to use the coercive […]

Ahmadiyya Youth, Paying Tribute To Mother Mary.

Source: Moose Jaw Times Herald – The Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association of Canada (AMYA), which is an auxiliary wing of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community (, is hosting an open house Saturday from noon to 4 p.m. at the Moose Jaw Public Library today to promote religious harmony, dispel misconceptions about Islam […]

Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council Eager to Provide Promotion Services for Other Technologies

Source: FNA TEHRAN (FNA)- Secretary-General of Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council Dr. Saeed Sarkar expressed pleasure with the two-year activities of the Tech-to-Market Services Corridor (a subsidiary of the INIC), and announced the INIC’s preparedness to provide other technologies with promotion services. “We are prepared to offer such services to other […]