Refutation: of Allegation Ahmadi Muslims trespass in Mecca

Source: Cult Girl/Ahmadiyya:
One of the countless, debilitatingly endemic problems with anti-Ahmadiyya hate sites is that they provide a platform for any old ignoramus to pose as a scholar and offer their own opinions as ‘Islam,’ whilst providing no supporting evidence whatsoever. Such people seem to become so enamoured with their own reasoning that they place themselves on a pedestal and genuinely believe that using powerful rhetoric in their writing is more important than actually paying any heed to the teachings of The Holy Prophet s.a.w.
In this same vein, very recently a group of anti-Ahmadiyya commentators accused Ahmadi Muslims of trespassing in Mecca. For those of you who don’t know, non-Muslims are prohibited from entering Mecca or Medina by the Saudi government’s laws. The anti-Ahmadis accuse Ahmadi Muslims of being non-Muslims and therefore trespassing when we travel to Mecca for Hajj. An anti-Ahmadiyya leader, Mr. Shahid Kamal, completes this argument with the following words:

‘The ijma on the doctrine of Ahmadiyya is absolutely clear. It is kufr. There are no grey areas. The decision was unanimous. New prophet, new religion. Muslims, that is the normative tradition, absolutely has the right to define its boundaries.’ (Mr. Shahid Kamal, 25-05-2012)

From this little extract alone you can see the sorts of writing strategies employed on anti-Ahmadiyya sites. The short sentences. Catchy rhetoric, such as ‘New prophet, new religion’ that distorts important theological discussions with pithy remarks. Fancy pseudo-intellectual phrases such as ‘normative tradition’. Such commentators sound so clever and so gleefully pleased with themselves. However not one of the non-Ahmadi Muslim commentators, on the mind-blowingly lowbrow thread in reference, managed to provide a single quotation from either The Holy Qu’ran or sunnah or ahadith to back up their opinions. Instead they have typically presented their opinions as Islam without even considering any evidence.
Now normally when this site offers refutations, we endeavour to keep them as short and to the point as possible. We usually have a policy of providing one quotation or argument that refutes the accusation and leaving it at that, to ensure our posts remain short and readable. However, as this allegation is particularly stupid, we thought it would be a good opportunity to point out the fallacies and layers of ignorance that go into creating anti-Ahmadiyya sites. As such, we will be presenting numerous refutations of these arguments from both The Holy Qu’ran and Hadith.
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