Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council Eager to Provide Promotion Services for Other Technologies

Source: FNA

TEHRAN (FNA)- Secretary-General of Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council Dr. Saeed Sarkar expressed pleasure with the two-year activities of the Tech-to-Market Services Corridor (a subsidiary of the INIC), and announced the INIC’s preparedness to provide other technologies with promotion services.

“We are prepared to offer such services to other technological areas in addition to nano. We hope to keep on gaining more experiences in this field in the course of time and turn the Corridor’s project into a role model to be implemented for other technologies,” Dr. Sarkar said.

“Even in the world’s leading industrial countries like the US and Germany, which are rich in the related infrastructures, more than 80 percent of the products based on the novel technologies miss the chance to find their ways to the markets. Definitely, we need to work harder to pave this path in our home country Iran,” Dr. Sarkar explained, pointing to the existing gap between the production and the market.

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