“Love for All, Hatred for None” – 30,000 Muslims meet in convention center Karlsruhe / Germany

“Love for All, Hatred for None ‘: 30,000 Muslims meet in convention center in Karlsruhe, Germany

– For the second time since Friday the Muslim Community Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat (AMJ) holds its annual general meeting, called Jalsa Salana, in Karlsruhe. On the grounds of Convention Center Karlsruhe the meeting lasts three days. Up to 30,000 people from Germany and neighboring countries get together to pray together and meet with each other to. True to its motto: “Love for All, Hatred for None.”

At least a hundred meters long is the cue of male visitors who wish to enter into the building at the front of the Convention Center Karlsruhe on Friday afternoon. It takes a moment, because before the faithful may attend the event, they must undergo a security check. This measure is responsive to an attempt on the head of the AMJ 60 years ago. Moreover, would the members of the religious community in several Muslim countries – particularly Pakistan – are being pursued, says the chairman of the Federal AMJ Germany, Uwe, Abdullah Wagishauser.The input for the female believers is on the other side of the area. The exhibition halls are strictly separated by gender. With up to 30,000 believers, the organizers expect this weekend – the organization does have as many members in Germany. “Everyone will probably not come,” says Mohammad Dawood Majoka, Chairman of External Affairs. “We expect around 25,000 members from Germany. The rest will come from neighboring countries.”

So many are at the beginning of the event is not there, but between the exhibition halls there is already a bustling atmosphere. No stress or over-excitement, however, has materialized – all believers go their separate ways peacefully, except for prayer – the men in the dm-arena, the women in the Hall 1 – in the dining area or the bazaar.

The first highlight on Friday was the first appearance of the head of the AMJ, the fifth caliph Mirza Masroor Ahmad. Together with Wagishauser he hoists the flag of Germany and the AMJ. Later in the afternoon followed by the first caliph’s speech. Live broadcast to many countries are available. The contact between the members, educational and spiritual development during the three days stood in the foreground says Wagishauser. “We represent the reformed Islam. We want to show the true teachings of Islam and not what people have done over the years from Islam.” The liberalism that the AMJ creates theses days would seem by many other Muslims as an attack against the orthodox Islam.

Of the current activities of the Salafis, the Ahmadiyya community clearly distances itself.Those who can not come to Jalsa Salana have the option of following part of the event on television. Nine hours of sending a specially-built community of transmission car that transfers the images of the many camera crews on the ground in all over the world. Eight simultaneous interpreters sit in small vocal booths and translate among others in German, English, Russian, Bosnian and Turkish. This also benefits the believers there. With the help of headphones, they can follow the words of the prayer leader in the hall.The municipality has indicated that approximately 30,000 members. Nationwide there are about 250 communities. Of these, one in Karlsruhe, Bruchsal and Pforzheim. Critics have accused the Ahmadiyya movement due to their missionary campaigns. The Ahmadiyya Community describes itself as a liberal, but conservative in values.

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Source: Ka-News.de read here in German

Abdullah Uwe Wagishauser (links) und Mohammad Dawood Majoka

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