Day: May 8, 2012

China to start issuing e-passports

Source: China Daily China’s e-passports will better protect citizens’ personal data and national security, said customs officials on Tuesday, as authorities nationwide geared up for the introduction of the new high-tech system. The 48-page travel document, which will be issued starting May 15, is fitted with a chip on the […]

A Regime’s Tight Grip on AIDS

Source: The New York Times   HAVANA — Yudelsy García O’Connor, the first baby known to have been born with H.I.V. in Cuba, is not merely still alive. She is vibrant, funny and, at age 25, recently divorced but hoping to remarry and have children. Her father died of AIDS when she was […]

Government told to drop discriminatory terms

The government should no longer use the terms allochtoon and autochtoon to distinguish between Dutch citizens, according to the Council for Societal Development. Allochtoon is a Dutch word used to refer to citizens whose parents were born in another country. Autochtoonrefers to citizens whose parents were born in the Netherlands. In reality, allochtoon is often applied to people […]

French and Greek elections: Lessons for U.S.

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — The French and Greek election results are being viewed as a smackdown on austerity. In France, Socialist Francois Hollande won the presidential election, defeating incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy, who supported the compact to increase fiscal discipline in the Eurozone. And the makeup of the next Greek government […]

Excuse me: Gassy dinosaurs helped warm Earth

Source: The Herald Potty humor just got prehistoric. A new study suggests that dinosaurs may have helped keep an already overheated world warmer with their flatulence and burps 200 million years ago. The research published Monday in Current Biology suggests that large dinosaurs made a significant contribution to the greenhouse […]

Ox atop a Pole

Once, Mullah Nasruddin traveled to Konya to borrow money from Jalal, his friend who lived there. Jalal, who knew that Nasruddin and his money were soon parted, put the cash into a purse for safekeeping and instructed the Mullah to be extra cautious on the trip home. All the way […]

What can fear do to you?

Standard Times- Go SanAngelo Recently, when asked, “What can fear do to you?” I was reminded of two experiences. The first started with me asking a Sunday School class of first graders, “What would you say if someone wanted you to pray for them?” A visitor to the class, a […]