The rediscovery of Islam by Muslims and its global impact


Jeddah: There is a new Islamic awakening all over the world and Muslims are slowly returning to their roots, said the editor in chief of Radiance Islamic weekly of India.

Muslims want to lead their lives with honor and dignity and no longer wanted to be under the hegemony of tyrants or autocrats, added Ejaz Ahmed Aslam, who is also a prominent leader of Jamaat-e-Islami in India.

He said this change had its beginning in the last century after Muslim countries, one after another, broke the chains of colonialism and became independent.

“Whether it’s Muslim men or women, they are rediscovering Islam. It will have a great positive impact all over the world. If you go to Cairo or Baghdad or Washington, London or Paris, you can see Muslim women wearing the modest Islamic dress. Young Muslims are showing greater interest in their religion,” he told Arab News.

“Islam is not confined to Salat (worship) and Zakat. It does not mean upholding certain symbols like beard or burqa. Islam stands for certain values, which are actually human values. It is the duty of a Muslim to follow the teachings of Islam in all walks of his/her life, whether it is social, economic, political and family life,” Aslam said.

Asked why the West is afraid of Islam despite its great teachings, he said: “It’s mainly because of their misunderstandings. There is a long history of suspicion, Islamophobia and stereotyping of Islam. But things are changing.” He referred to a book “A World Without Islam” written by Graham E. Fuller, a former vice chairman of the National Intelligence Council at the CIA and currently adjunct professor of history at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver.

“It is a very scholarly and comprehensive book. Fuller says Islam is coming to the forefront and Muslims are demanding their rights. He advised the US to stop intervention in Muslim countries, withdraw its forces from Muslim countries, should not insist on having its military bases in Muslim countries, should stop supporting tyrants, should find a solution for the Palestinian issue and should not support Israeli atrocities against the Palestinians,” Aslam said.

“Fuller has also pointed out that if democracy comes to Muslim countries in the Middle East, then surely Islamists will come to power. But he has expressed his doubt whether the Islamists would be able to fulfill the aspirations of the common people and solve their social and economic problems. Fuller has written that Islam has got great vitality and it is culturally, economically and socially very strong. He also points out that without Islam the world would have been poorer,” the Jamaat leader said commenting on Fuller’s book.

Aslam said Muslims have a big role to play in enhancing the reputation and image of Islam across the world by upholding its teachings and establishing good relations with other communities. “Islam is a very humane religion. A few narrow-minded Muslims have given a bad image of Islam through their lives and practices. If Muslims had understood the deeper meanings of Islam and lived accordingly it would have changed the world’s total perception of Islam and Muslims,” he explained.


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  1. Right. Muslims are re-discovering Islam. But look around: Which Jama’at has a respected leader? Which Jama’at has proper unity and purpose? You will find that the whole Islamic world is saying ‘we are re-discovering Islam, but where is our leader?’ Let them look at the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at, which is blessed with Khilafat and they will find the Islamic leader chosen by Allah for these times! See for more details (and of course look around The Muslim Times).

  2. Well Mr.Aslam :-
    1-Please tell the hole truth not partial.Well the revival and change begins from the will of Allah Al-Mighty when He sent Imam-Al-Mahdi and Promised Messiah( A.S)on his given time in Ahadeeth( 14 Sadi Hijri) and prescribed by the Mujaheddin and salaheen before.Who revived the peaceful perception of Islam through his Jammat ,The Jammat-E-Ahmadiyya,which is the only Jammat who revived the Islamic system of Khilafat Ala Mihaj-E-Nabowa.This is the peace loving Jammat having the Motto of 1-” Love for all Hatred for none.”
    2-“Humanity First.”
    However I congratulate Mr.Aslam on leaving the cruel perception of Islam given by their Jammat Islami founder Mullana Mududi that was 1-” Quran in one hand and Sword in other”
    2- ” When many years preaching not worked then Muhammad took sword and then the rots(zung) of hearts becoming removed.” ( Nauzbillah) according to their Jammat founder the Islam was spread by sword not by preaching that is great blame on Islam and Muhammad ( S.A),because all war fought by Muhammad (S.A) were in self defense.Qur’an also says no completion in Religion ( La Iqrah Fi Din).
    But now if Mr. Aslam is rejecting that old idea of his leader and owning the peace loving ideas of Jemmat-E-Ahmedyya ( The Real Islam) then welcome to him and all other peace loving Muslims.
    For further reference please visit

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