The Value Of A Stay-At-Home Mom: You cannot afford it This Mother’s Day, go ahead and tell your mom how much you value her―just don’t try to back it up with numbers. New survey data shows a decline in the economic value of mothers’ work.

If a stay-at-home mom was ever handed a pink slip, dad would have to hire a nanny, a driver, a cook, a janitor, a psychologist, a laundry-machine operator, and a myriad of other professionals for the odd jobs moms do on a daily basis. calculation found that after all the various duties are added up, stay-at-home moms put in 94.7 hours in a typical workweek, and it would cost $112,962 a year to replace her. For working moms, the extra 57.9 hours a week of work they put in is worth $66,979.

Though that’s a hefty salary mom should be making, $113K is actually much lower than five years ago. In 2007, calculated that mom’s work was worth $138,094 a year.

Another study by found a similar drop, though they place a much lower value on the work of mom to start with. They calculated that the informal work mom does is worth $60,182 a year, down from $61,436 last year, a 2 percent drop. In 2003, mothers’ work was worth $64,593 a year in 2012 dollars.


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