Ahmadiyya Muslim Community organizes interfaith symposium in Jharkhand

Source: Jagran

“Humanity is the greatest religion, It’s the heart of humans where God resides. Love for all hatred for none”

Ahmadiyya Muslim community recently organized interfaith symposium at Musabani local community, at Jamshedpur district in the Indian state of Jharkhand.

Prior to the event, leaders from the community expressed that Ahmadiyya Muslim community organizes interfaith symposium acorss states and cities, throughout the nation to spread the message of Humanity and love for mankind. Further leaders expressed that we Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Christians are not different from each other. Rather, on account of being human are all equal. Leaders expressed that Ahmadiyya Muslim community does not believe in violence or riots. While mentioning the incident of Bhagalpur communal riots, stated that the community not only helped in rehabilitation of Muslim families. But also helped rehabilitation of Hindu families too.

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