‘Saudi-backed Wahhabis behind massacre of Shias in Pakistan’

Pakistani Shia Muslims offer prayers for community members killed in an ambush in northern Pakistan on February 29, 2012.

An extremist Wahhabi group, backed by such countries as Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, is behind the atrocious massacre of Shia Muslims in Pakistan, a political analyst says.

“All these massacres are being legitimated and orchestrated by a Wahhabi group known as Sepah Sahabeh who emerged in 1985 in the Punjab province of Pakistan as a reaction to the Islamic Revolution of Iran and the burgeoning Shia Muslims who had gradually entered the political and economical positions in the Pakistani government,” wrote Ismail Salami in an article published on Press TV’s website on Tuesday.

Recounting the grim atrocities perpetrated against Pakistani Shias, he noted, “Only in April 2012, more than 250 Shia Muslims were maimed and killed in broad daylight.”

The author of Human Rights in Islam further explained that the Pakistani militant group, known as Tahrik-e Taliban (TTP), “is an offshoot of the terrorist group.”

TTP militants and associated groups have been able to spread their influence in various regions of the country and have killed thousands of people.

read more here from PRESS TV: http://www.presstv.ir/detail/239941.html

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  1. Pakistan is the country of bad luck and misfortune. Its friends are its enemies.Saudi Arabia, Bahrain , Iran, Afghanistan and so on.
    Actually wherever and whenever the religion is politicized, Sectarianism, Theocracy ,Fundamentalism and terrorism become the fate of that country.Due to this reason the founder of Pakistan was against politicizing of Religion in Pakistan.Especially He believes in a Secular Islam and was totally against the Theocracy ( Mullah-ism).

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