Gems from Urdu Press: Pakistan Electricity Shortage A Qadiani Conspiracy

After declaring Ahmadiyya as Non Muslim, Pakistan solved all its problems, except of course electricity shortage. This was a deliberate conspiracy to make the Fort of Islam weak and to give in to great satanic designs of enemies of Pakistan

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  1. I am appalled by such statement. It is beyond any discussion. I did not know that some people are so brain-less that it is mind boggling.

  2. Mullah Qasmi’s hen has stopped laying eggs a Qadiani conspiracy said Mullah. A complete nonsense.

  3. Ignoring the ignorant Mullahs I am as an Ahmadi, although not engineer but want to help Pakistan to give them some advise and also request other Ahmadies especially the electrical engineers to help Pakistan and give them practical suggestions to solve this serious problem of Pakistan.
    1-THE LINE LOSSES:- is the main reason of electricity shortage in Pakistan, Nation Daily newspaper of Pakistan, 9th May 2012.
    “No solution to the energy crisis is possible until and unless line losses are controlled that the government has totally ignored and the fact is that national kitty is suffering a burden of more than Rs 160 billion every year due to this factor.
    2-COAL :- Pakistan have so many reserves of coal in sindh province but not being used due to some political reasons other-wise it can be used in thermal power generation as a cheap and local source.
    3- Pakistan is having a very natural and good irrigation system of rivers and canals and theses rivers are running up to downwards and having many natural points where the small dams can be made and
    hydro-electric turbine could be installed there to generate electricity.
    4- NATURAL-GAS :- Can be used to run power generation stations already installed in the country.
    5- Solar Energy :- As in many African countries under management and help of Jammat-E-Ahmadyya many work is going on Pakistan can convert many electrical devices like geezers and air conditions on solar energy.
    6- Chain System :- A very soft chain system can be developed to run many fans by a single fan under a big roof of a building.
    7- Replacing of bulbs by energy savers and many other devices.
    8- Load management:- Load management can be made in away to give electricity on basis of importance and timings.
    9- Ban on Electric Heaters and Geezers.
    10- Ban on Air condition of for personal use only allowed in Hospitals and for special buildings only.
    10- USE OF BIO-GAS:-Bio-gas can be produced and use in Pakistan as there are so many sources of production of bio-gas but not used.

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