Gushing water brings devotees, visitors to bin Laden compound

The Express Tribune


In their effort to ‘wipe out’ Osama bin Laden, the Americans buried him at sea and Pakistani authorities razed his compound – but neither succeeded in erasing him from popular imagination.

The slain al Qaeda chief, on the contrary, is evolving from fact to myth in Pakistani narrative and his compound in Abbottabad’s Bilal Town, known locally as the Waziristan Haveli, appears to have gained spiritual ascendance.

Gushing water, visitors

“There is some spirituality about this place since water keeps gushing forth without the use of an electric motor,” said Omar Khan, a resident of Abbottabad.

While the source may be a water line fractured during the razing of the compound, it hasn’t stopped some from according it the status of a ‘miracle.’

It’s a miracle that water gushes forth like a spring because those killed at this place were innocent people, Khan says.

While he does not necessarily believe that those killed in the raid were bin Laden, his couriers and son, he says those killed were “some innocent Muslims” nonetheless.

And for all their efforts to prevent the site from becoming a shrine, people throng to the razed compound to offer fateha – prayers for the deceased.


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