Islam is Indeed a Part of Germany!

You may have read a recent news in which Chancellor Angela Merkel’s ally says Islam not part of Germany.  But this is factually not true!  It only reflects lack of knowledge and myopic view of the history and the world.

In Muslim Times and Alislam-eGazette, which goes to 40,000 subscribers, every month, we have shown Europe’s debt to Muslim heritage in article after article.  Here we provide a few links:

Muhammad: the Light for the Dark Ages of Europe!     

February 2012 eGazette – The Majesty that Islam was and soon will be!

‘Let the Muslim be my Master in Outward Things.’ References to Islam in the Promotion of Religious Tolerance in Christian Europe

Alhazen: the Father of Optics and the First Scientist

Al Islam eGazette  Jan 2010 – Europe’s debt to the Muslim Empire?

For further details please go to our Muslim Heritage page of the Islam for the West.

The following video is in German and Urdu language:

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  1. In fact a religion have no Geographical boundaries.The Religion always belongs to your faith and faith belongs to your heart. Religions comes from The God and all the Universe included Germany is created by the God. So how one can say logically that a particular Religion not belong to this country.
    As German peoples love Truth and realities and they are open minded and secular. According to the law of the Germany it is a secular state and all the citizens are equal in the eye of the justice and law. So no body even whatever his/her status is can not deny the facts.

    This is the age of information technology.We are in the global village and every person can get clear picture of any religion by reading the facts
    about any religion if He wants. Every one is free to get access to the reality.
    He or she can know about many schools of thought in Islam
    He can know who is believer of One God.He can know whose motto is ( Love FOR ALL HATRED IS FOR NON).
    He can know whose religion is The Real Religion.
    He can know who is serving Humanity. He can know who says ( Humanity First). He can know who believe in an Alive and Active Al Mighty God.
    He can get the actual translation of German language Holly Qur’an.
    He can easily visit the web site.

  2. In fact religion has no geographical boundries and it can not be restricted for a certain part of world specially now when the world has becom a global village. East and west, North and south have become together according the prophicy of the Holy Quran and the world needs to follow one complete religion. No any old religion can now satisfy the human mind except Islam. Now the time has come to follow One God, one prophet and the one book which are complete in all respect and easy to follow for every human geings. Therefore Islam is indeed part of Germney.

  3. Many German forget that they have many known persons in history who got great love for Islam like Goethe and forget his praise for Islam as he said,

    “If Islam means submission to God,
    We all live and die in Islam.”(WA I, 6, 128)

    If we read the history as shown above in the article, then we must have to accept that Islam has long been part of Germany and Europe.

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