Why Midlife Rocks Your World

Source: Huff Post – The Blog

In my career and executive coaching, I work with hundreds of women each year going through major transitions. Recently, I was speaking with a fascinating client of mine — let’s call her “Carol” — who shared with me her views about midlife BEFORE she had arrived there, and then what happened when her 40s came.

She explained:

It’s funny — when I was my early 30s and I’d hear about someone having a ‘midlife crisis,’ I’d think to myself, “Wow, I don’t really get that. I’m focused, doing what I need to, experiencing success, the kids are good, things are moving along well. I can’t imagine waking up to wanting a whole new life or finding out that what I have I don’t want.But when I turned 43, something happened. I awakened somehow — after a series of very tough events and challenges — to wanting more, wanting something different.


Editor’s note: It’s called spiritual awakening in other words

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