Liter by Liter, Indians Get Cleaner Water

Source: The New York Times


NEW DELHI — As evening falls in Chuddani, a village of about 500 homes, people arrive by bicycle, motorbike, tractor and on foot with jugs that they fill with water from faucets outside a neat blue shed. Inside the building is a filtration plant that cleans the local groundwater of chemicals, toxins and bacteria. Above the faucets, a sign hand-written in Hindi says: “Water is life.”

Anand Sehwag, 27, a brick seller, lives in Chuddani, 45 kilometers, or 28 miles, from Delhi, with his family of seven. Before the clean-water plant was built, in 2009, Mr. Sehwag and his relatives drank water from village hand pumps. They knew it was dirty, but they drank it anyway. They often suffered stomach pains, coughs and aches, he said.

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