PAKISTAN: More Muslim than the Muslims

By Rabab Fizah and Anna Thorning

The persecution of Ahmadis, a black listed minority sect of Islam, continues and during the first two months of this year three members from the minority sect, the Ahmadis, were murdered in target killings. In response to the persecutions in an effort to prove themselves more Muslims than the fundamentalists, the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has created a new religion in Pakistan with the name of ‘Qadiani’ in the online forms for new national identity cards.

In a state where every issue is seen through the spectacles of Islam obviously religion becomes a mockery of what is happening in the country. In an effort to make a mockery out of the dominating religion of the country the NADRA has created a new religion with the name of Qadiani in the column of religion. NADRA has adopted the policy of entering religion Qadiyani for Ahamadis in its computerized national identity card forms. On the new online form issued from the NADRA center, Chiniot, Punjab province, where Ahmadis have resided in large numbers for a century, are now categorized in the entry number 15 and written in Urdu AS ”15 Mazhab (religion) Qadiani”. Before that there was a column of religion where one had to choose between ‘Muslim’ or ‘Non Muslim’ and here Ahmadis would choose ‘Non Muslims’ or writing themselves as Ahmadis, which was accepted by the ‘online form’. But now the word Qadiani has been introduced in the ‘online form’ by the Punjab government which threatens the very existence of the Ahmadis and appeases the fundamentalist Muslim groups who are united under the banner of Khatm-e-Nabowat Conference.

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2 replies

  1. Excellent pick. This is not only a policy of Punjab in fact last time I went to renew my passport in the Federal Capital Islam(not)abad, (even in the VIP passport section), I asked the assistant what choices did I have as an ahmadi and the answer was “Qadianism”. When I started laughing, the clerk got very embarrassed. Apparently he had some humanity left in him. What more can one say?

  2. Pakistani politics has this knack of pushing the limits of extremism at the expense of all civil and human rights! The monster of extremism will eventually engulf the silent majority so Pakistanis should rise up and protest before it is too late to act.

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