Rick Santorum’s ‘phony theology’ criticism of Obama follows a familiar theme

When Rick Santorum accused President Obama of having “some phony theology” last weekend, it was neither an isolated event nor an offhand remark.

Instead, Santorum’s comments were a new twist on a steady theme of his Republican presidential candidacy: that Obama and other Democrats have a secular worldview not based on the Bible, one they are intent on imposing on believers.

Campaigning in Iowa in December, Santorum said Obama and his allies have “secular values that are antithetical to the basic principles of our country.” In Des Moines a few days later, he said the same people adhere to a “religion of self” rather than one based on the Bible. Speaking to a group of ministers in Plano, Tex., earlier this month, Santorum argued that the left is “taking faith and crushing it.”

In Tucson on Wednesday, Santorum said the president is “systematically trying to crush the traditional Judeo-Christian values of America.”

Santorum has regularly argued on the campaign trail that Obama and his allies’ views on abortion, same-sex marriage and the proper role of government prove they have distinctly secular values — and that the election offers a key and perhaps final chance for religious people to fend off their intrusions.


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  1. Probing Senator Santorum’s theology?
    When Senator Santorum calls Obama’s theology phony then assumption would be that his own theology is not phony and is correct, orthodox and Catholic!

    So, it should not be rude to request him to read the following article about the two natures of Jesus, may peace be on him and explain to us how he unifies the inherent paradox in the merger of human and divine nature of Jesus. Here, is the link to the article posted in Islam for the West:

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