Muslim group dispelling Myths

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Suicide bombing, terrorist attacks and honor killings can dominate the headlines when the Islamic religion comes up in the media. Its and unfair stigma says one group, who will be in town this weekend dispelling myths and educating people on the misconceptions they say are out there.

There’s very bad press about Islam. There is a very bad image that has been given to Islam. But Islam , itself is a very peaceful religion, ” said Rizwan Rabbani, the national executive director of Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association of Canada.

The AMYA is a non profit organization that has been traveling across the country spreading their message about the Qur’an and talking with residents about their religion – promoting peace, condemning terrorism and tackling the myths surrounding the religion of Islam.

Since November 2010 the group has visited nearly 340,000 houses in over 200 communities reaching an estimated 1.3 million people. The have done so with the help of more than 2600 volunteers, many of them youth, anxious to enhance the image of their image.

While there are elements of terrorism and extremism by people who commit these acts in the name of Islam, Rabbani said its on their own misrepresentation of the scriptures.

” Its the lack of knowledge, people tend not to read their own book,” he said.

The Qur’an is a very beautiful and peaceful book, so is the Bible or the Torah, all of these scriptures come from the same source, which is God.

The volunteers will be canvassing the city on Sunday afternoon after some activities in Servus Sports Center in the morning. It wont be AMYA’s first visit to prairies and they had a favorable response in the fall, when they traveled through Saskatchewan and Alberta.

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