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  1. This is wonderful hope all muslims of other countries will follow this good example and if it happens then the world will surely become “Islamastan”

  2. Such news are step forward and achievements on part of all sects of Islam. Annual Convention Canada is anther example where Muslims from other sects attend and raise voice of commonalities.

  3. what a wonderful news.May Allah gives wisdom to Muslim to unite themselves and learn to live with peace and love with each other.

  4. It is very encouraging to note that diverse Muslim groups have come together to mark an occasion that all hold very dear.

    It is high time that Muslims of different persuasions show unity, love and mutual respect in all things that they cherish as an ummah. May the day be near that they show the rest of the world what a peaceful, dynamic, forward-looking community they can constitute.

    For those wishing to know more about true Islam and its tenets, I have found the website alislam.org to be a veritable treasure-trove of information. I recommend it to all.

    Peace to all!

  5. What a wonderful and amazing news.Alhamdulillah.Great effort by canadian jamaat to gather all muslim sects on this respectable event.Inshallah this step will show to the world that muslims are one ummah who has the message of peace and love for all mankind.I wish that other muslims also follow this tradition and become one ummah and show the loving teachings of islam by their actions to the world and convey message of islam all over the world.May Allah bless us all.

  6. Really Great News! This is one of the steps in the right diretion of providing Religious Freedom to everyone. I hope this will continue in the future too. Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is a peace loving community and would like to work together with other Muslim communities for the advancement of Islam. For further information about Ahmadiyya Muslim Community please visit http://www.alislam.org

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