Al Jazeera Kabul studio has MTA in the background

This was taken on February, 2nd 2012 of a report of Afghanistan live from Kabul.

Another prophecy of “I will spread your message to the corners of the earth” has been fulfilled in a further dimension.

This video upload is dedicated not only to this prophecy but also to Hadhrat Sahibzada Abdul Latif, may Allah be pleased with him, and other shuhada of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) and The Promised Messiah (as).

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  1. Major TV networks through out the world have such facility to monitor the broad cast of major TVs. Alhamdolillah MTA has also become a major channel worth monitoring by these networks. Inshallah things will further flourish as it is prophecy of Hadhrat Masih Moud AS, “I shall cause thy message reach the corners of the earth”

  2. Alhamdulillah that we are living witness to the fulfillment of the prophecy of the Promised Messiah ” I will cause your messages to reach every nook and cranny of the world” mashaAllah. Ahmadiyya Zindabad!Khilafatil-Ahmadiyya Zindabad!!

  3. Dear Brother Abdul Haq
    Jazakumullah for posting this. Allah be glorified. Please add before the name of Martyr Hazart or respected Sahibzada Abdul Latif and (RA)after it.

  4. The Prince of Peace is seen in the screen, showing his contributions to Peace, not only in the west, but also in the east, country like Afghanistan, a center of global conflicts. The ‘Mullah” of Pakistan and/ or any other country is the major cause of conflicts and terror. This is a message for all satanic forces that The true Khalifa of true Muslims, Ahmadiyya Jama’at, is consistently contributing his efforts for peace and love in this global village. Aljazeera is watched around the world as it is CNN of the Asian hemisphere.

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