Internet is a powerful catalyst for jihad: Dutch security service

The internet has become a powerful catalyst for international violent jihad, according to a new report from the Dutch security service AIVD.

The organisation says it expects online jihadism to become a ‘crucial factor’ in the threat to the Netherlands and to other Western countries over the next few years.

In particular, ‘core forums which form part of the so-called invisible web, a part of the world-wide web that cannot be found by readily accessible search engines’, are behind the spread of ideas, the report says.

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2 replies

  1. It’s also a catalyst for peaceful jihad, let’s just pray that the internet is a better catalyst for concept of “jihad with the pen.”

  2. Agree1 Catalyst doesn’t necessarily mean making inflammatory. It could help slow down the inflammatory Jihad and speed up Jihad of pen.

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