Salafism is only an approach, says justice minister


RIYADH: Minister of Justice Dr. Mohammed bin Abdul Kareem Al-Issa said Salafism should not be interpreted as Islam at Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University in Riyadh.

The minister said in reply to a question by the rector of the university: “Salafism is only a descriptive approach, not a name. This means we obey the ancestors’ belief and values in understanding Islam, which is a moderate approach practiced by the late King Abdul Aziz who founded our Kingdom based on this approach.”

During the lecture attended by the rector of the university, deans, teaching staff, students and some experts, the minister dwelt at length on the subject of social work in the courts. He called on people to resolve all struggles and fights in a peaceful way without resorting to violence or without going to the court.

Solving problems is a social approach and using the Islamic principles urging every Muslim to respect his Muslim brother were some of the topics the minister talked about in his lecture at Imam University.

The minister talked about a decision to set up a department in his ministry specialized in solving the problems, fights and struggles between people in a very social way, giving rights to their beneficiaries, and reducing any injustice in these cases.

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