Time for Kingdom (of Saudi Arabia) to enact an anti-discrimination law


Discrimination exists in almost every country but the levels and types of such discrimination vary vastly from one country to another. Also, discrimination is an issue that should be tackled by every country and it should not be ignored. Some countries have made great efforts to eradicate all forms of discrimination and enacted laws and regulations to make it illegal. However, other countries have not taken enough action yet.

Discrimination is an unjust and ancient problem which exists in every society where some classes of people are not treated equally when there is no reasonable ground to distinguish between those who are favored and those who are not favored. Moreover, discrimination comes in many forms, such as racial discrimination, gender discrimination, religious discrimination and others. It matters not if some people do not express their discriminatory feelings toward others verbally as the actions of certain people not being treated equally as others can also amount to discrimination.

Saudi Arabia is like any other country and has people from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. The society of Saudi Arabia is like any other society where there are people who are knowledgeable and aware of the danger of discrimination and its negative impact on society and at the same time there are others who are oblivious of the effects and gravity of such a problem. Nonetheless, the notion of an ideal society does not exist and thus no one can say that Saudi society is an ideal one. Hence, there are some Saudi people, who prejudice and discriminate against others, and this fact cannot be denied.

For instance, there are those in Saudi Arabia who discriminate against women and hold demeaning views of them. Such people do not feel ashamed and proclaim to all that women are not mentally capable to work in senior management positions or above as they do not have the mental capability to think properly. Another well known example is where some people discriminate against foreigners generally or against the ones who work for them. In many cases it is clear that they do not treat foreigners like they treat Saudis and sometimes they even deprive them from their basic rights, if they are working for them. Some people prejudice foreigners just because they are foreigners, not for anything else.

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